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5 Best Free Blogging Platform for Beginners in 2020

5 Best Free Blogging Platform for Beginners in 2020

Hey, are you thinking of starting a blog?

I know if you are a beginner into blogging there is a lot more confusion on which platform to choose which one is good and which one is not. So today in this blog I will give you the top 5 best free blogging platform for beginners. 

After you complete reading this guide, You will have no confusion which one too chose over others and why to choose that. 

“ Let’s get started, buddy “

Here are the lists of the top 5 blogging platform in ascending order:

  • Blogger
  • Medium
  • Wix

1. Best Platform in the World to Start a Self-hosted Blog

So before we jump into how can help you to start a blog let’s learn what is a self-hosted blog 

As you already know what is a blog so let me explain 

What is a self-hosted WordPress blog means?

“A self-hosted WordPress blog means a blog which you have full control over, and you have a domain name of your own with any extension you want and your content management system will be a WordPress”

Follow this guide on how to start a WordPress blog ( this guide will teach you everything on how to get started and by the time you complete reading this blog post you will also have a first blog post written and published too. )

So let me tell you why I choose in the first place? 

Following are the reason why is the best blogging platform  

  1. There are unlimited themes developed for WordPress that makes easy to start any kind of blog 
  2. There are a countless number of plugins that helps you to do anything you want even if you don’t have programming knowledge
  3. Easy customization feature
  4. No need to worry about back-end setup everything will be handled by wp

Do you know? Several big sites are developed in WordPress 

I know you use Facebook 

The news feed of Facebook is developed in 

I think now I don’t have to tell you anything more about why starting to go with is the best option.

Just choose it blindly (you won’t regrate it)

Even if you didn’t read further it’s okay 

The purpose of this article is to make you choose one platform and start your own blog 

Of course, choosing to go with take little money but that is just pocket money and your one month’s pocket money will be enough for you to run a blog for 1 year isn’t it cool thing? 

Now read this article on starting a WordPress blog  and start blogging career

Now if you decided that you want to just learn for a certain time and be familiar with how to get started and don’t have money in the first place let me give you another option.


2. Another Free Blogging Platform for Beginners



Another free alternative to is 

You might now want to know 

What is the difference between and

The main difference between and is, starting a blog on is free but you don’t have full control over your content, your site features, your domain name but with you can manage everything and its all your property.

But starting with .com gives you an idea on first glance with free of cost. 

But I never recommend you to start with if you have a bit of money. But if you want to just get the test of blogging you can start with also. 

The setup process is little different when it comes to and 

You might be interested to read about other difference between and .org then read from here  

3. Blogger: Free Blogging Platform Provided by Google is another free blogging platform that is provided by Google.

blooger free best blogging platform

Here you can host your blog or start your blog for free without any problem 

Now probably you might want to know is also free is also free, so what to choose over which and why? 

Look at to the infographics below I have made the difference between and for you

Have a look at the comparison table from here : 

Made with Visme Infographic Maker

Conclusion: If I was the one to select between WordPress or blogger I would go to rather than 

4. Medium: Best Content Syndication Platform

Medium is another great way to syndicate your content you can repurpose your content here and also you can start writing blog of your own within no minutes 

medium free blogging platform

All you need to do is set up your account on 

Once you go to you will find it so easy to set up your account there and click on your profile then start writing on it… it’s that easy 

The easiest way to start writing is a medium. But if you are serious about writing and making money out of it I don’t recommend medium. It is a place to demonstrate your expertise rather than earning. a Free Way to Start Your Website or a Blog

Wix is not just a platform for starting your blog but you can also use it to start your portfolio website.

wix- free blogging platform

Again nothing beats but still if you have never built a website then starting off with is little tough ( but guide given above will be sufficient ) 

whereas starting to develop a blog or a website with Wix is just so easy with drag and drop functionality and just make changes with an already made template.

If you want some good looking website with blog feature free of cost I would recommend you to go with rather than 

Conclusion: I hope you liked this post where I tried to give you an idea to choose the best blogging platform for you.

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