SEO Plugins:7 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress [ Must Have in 2019]

Wp is best choice of SEOs but it’s worst when used more plugins randomly; let’s learn only must-have Best SEO Plugins For WordPress in 2019.

The more plugins you install in wordpress( wp) the more slow your site loads; and you must install plugins for making your seo work easy ;

but less is more;

so here you will learn which are the plugins to be installed for effective seo

Each plugin will do a different different kind of work;

These following are the list of the plugins besed on their functionality which you must install after you have installed your wordpress

List of best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2019

1. Yoast SEO plugin:

This is the plugin developed by Yoast company ;This plugin just make every seo effort of you so easy to carry out ;

if you are doing seo and not installed this plugin its like you have gone for paragliding but not taken a parasuite

if you are in wordpress CMS this is coolest wordpress seo optimization plugin I have ever come across.

What to do after installing this wordpress yoast seo plugin?

To make your SEO work like a charm you need to configure your Yoast SEO plugin ..

Just Installing the plugin is not gonna work .

You need to Configure it.

And if you are doing wrong in configuring this plugin in most of the cases it harms too ..

but don’t worry:

Everyone configures this plugin after installing it ;

You are not alone ..

and confguring this plugin is just damn easy ;

oh first of all you need to download it to configure right ? How to download or install?

You can install it either going to the plugin section from your dashboard or from WordPress official site

Follow this Video guide on : How to configure wordpress yoast seo plugin for better ranking

Alternative for this plugin:?

Its All In One SEO Pack I have not used it but some people do use this plugin over Yoast SEO .

Confused which one to use ? My suggestion is use Yoast SEO..

Usefulness: Optimize the SEO effort a lot and helps in better ranking

2. W3 Total Cache:

This is another best plugins I could tell you in decreasing the page loading speed.

site speed optimization tool

As per Brian Dean (founder of Page speed is one of the top google seo ranking factor.

so if your site loads slower you never rank Mind it !!!

Hence,this plugin helps you to decrease your page loading time ..

3. Autooptimize:

This is another plugin That helps you in ranking higher by decreasing your site loading time .


Using these both plugins is one of the best decision you could ever make ..

but wait :

sometimes these plugins doesn’t work for some site .. it differese coz of the theme ; sever or so many other parameters ..

but you can’t risk it without trying to implement ..

Anything left still?


You need to configure these plugins after you have Installed it

Following is a link to configure these both plugins .. hellbound blogger w3 total cache config

4. Redirection:

Redirection is another SEO tool for WordPress site which solves maximum of your 404 error ..

wordpress seo plugin for redirection

It deos two types of work permanent redirection 301 and temporary redirection 302

Let’s Imagine that by any of the reason you might have lost any of your webpage or you have changed the url structure itself ; e.g. say your blog url was

but you have changed it to 

now for the first type of structured content your site will show 404 error.

now you need to redirect that version or webpages to second type ;

you can do this using this SEO wordpress plugin

If you don’t do this, you will lose your all previous content + all the backlinks.isn’t this plugin is one of the best for SEOs?


Manages 301 & 302 redirects solves 404 error and reduces loss of backlinks

5. Anti-spam:

Anti-spam is another must have wordpress plugin for staying away from fake comment

ant-spam plugin

If you don’t install this plugin then within one or two days you will see a lot of useless comment with so many links

which is not good

and it may also lead to increase the spam score of your domain..

by the way, why would someone wants to have such spammy linkful comment written just for the sake of passing link.

so, this plugins helps to overcome from such issue ..

Usefulness: It helps you to protect your site from the spamy comments ;

6. Table of Content Plus SEO plugin:

This is another Free SEO software That I have been using and it’s another awesome one.

This plugin will allow your blog reader to navigate or jump to required subheading directly e.g. fig:

This plugins is one of the best plugin ever if you want to attain a featured snippets

7. SOGO Header And Footer:

This is another best SEO plugins for WordPress users who are not so technical..

As a blogger you need to use so many tools like:

subscriber tool to collect emails

Adsense code

facebook pixel code

google analytics code

webmaster verification code

so many codes you need to put in your site in order to set up everything

But, sometimes some themes are so tough to find the header section to place the code.

If you do wrong in that it may sometimes damage your site as well

so in that case even if you go wrong with this plugins nothing wil happen

and here in this tool, you will find one simple box just put all your code in that box that’s it

too simple …

How to access this from the wordpress dashboard to use it ?

To use this plugin just go to the setting and then header and footer then open it and paste the copied code

wp header footer tool

either in header section or in footer section as per the requirement of the application which you are trying to use.

Usefulness: It helps in Placing any kind of code easily and effectively in the website for non-technical people

Bonus Plugin

Rank Math

you know this very well that SEO is always a super long process to get the result;

but the result are the pure honey

So, if you feel that this is lot of time taking process ..

who doesn’t love having a tool which saves a lot of time in doing SEO ..isn’t it??

Then you love This Rank Math plugin


It helps to check your on-page seo

It helps in finding error and fixing it

It helps in redirection

LSI kw Integrated

Tracks Impression and CTR of your site

watch this video about Rank math

Final Word :

Above mentioned plugins are the Top 7 best wordpress plugin which helps to optimize your seo effort more easily and effectively ;

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