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HBN Framework By Blogging BIG To Go From Newbie To Authority Blogger

HBN Framework By Blogging BIG To Go From Newbie To Authority Blogger

Are you new to blogging Industry who is struggling to go from beginner to being an authority blogger ?

You will stop struggling once you implement my Human Blog Network (HBN) framework

Or Are you an expert who is trying to guide a newbie?

This guide is going to be super useful for both of you. Why? You may ask.

If you are new, This guide will help you to become an authority blogger Within 6 months in your niche;

if you are an expert who is guiding in any way newbie to become an authority blogger you may tell them this strategy;

I know As an expert in the filed you love your audience so much so after reading this guide you can’t stop yourself from sharing it.

But, before that I will keep you curious to know what its.

Experts!!! Hold On!! First, let’s understand our problem ;

Problems of newbies (it is not what you think; its not ranking site; its something different ) Newbies !!! Come on !!!

If you are newbie:

Let’s dissect all the problems that a newbie faces in blogging industry one by one ( be ready with Scissors to dissect 😉 then bring super useful solution right here.

Its not any kind of normal SEO strategy that everyone shares

dear new BLOGGERS;

I know the pain you are facing, Coz I am also new to blogging

so quickly let’s pick any one of your favorite influencer ( Blogger )

I picked mine favorite bloggers here :

  • Ankit Singla from (
  • Harsh Agrawal from (
  • Pradeep Goyal from (
  • Deepak Kanak Raju from (
  • Akshay Hallur From (

Ok, for the time being let me stop with these many bloggers

They are one of my favorite bloggers now let’s see their progress how far they have gone

Let’s talk about my favorite blogger first Ankit Singla

His Blog Success A/C t to ahrefs:

He is ranking in these many keywords which are industry level

Now let’s see his success on Quora:

As of now,

He has only written a total of 66 , and for those 66 answers he is getting around 74.6k views

Now let’s see his success on Facebook:

These are the members that are following Ankit single personally on facebook from his group and pages

and not only this

He has same kind of followers on Youtube as well

He gets invited by the so many meetups and conferences to speak

Which talking all about is not within the scope of this article

So here is my secrete of transforming yourself from a new blogger to an authority bloggers is released already by this time

But wait, implementation part I have not talked about so keep reading !!!!

Harsh Agrawal

He is a man behind shout me loud Blogging Empire let’s see his growth

A/c to Ahrefs: Keyword ranking

Quora Stats:

for 190 answers he has written his answers have been viewed 269.4k times ; OMG

Twitter stat:

let’s not keep on giving all the stats; he has same in LinkedIn insta Youtube and what not

Deepak Kanakraju

He is another man behind the success of digitaldeepak .com

Facebook Stats:

He has around more than 120k users in his facebook group

India’s one of the largest facebook group for learning digital marketing…

( Hey deepak, I am sending you so much love from here coz i am learning a lot from your group )

ok, let me not explore more of his youtube channel twitter Instagram LinkedIn Quora everywhere he has grown his name and fame.

Side note: If you didn’t understand anything till here what I am trying to convey you it’s ok; All real gem will be explored later…

Akshay Hallur

Akshay Hallur is also ranking for a lot of the industry level keywords..

He is one of my best;

His lengthy well structured article just hits my heart all the time

When reading his article i just feel like he has only written that piece of content for me alone

That’s his best part:

Quora stat:

Facebook Group: (Brand new)

Conclusion: In a nutshell, They are ranking for almost all the keywords which are industry level

They have too much of followers on : Quora Facebook YouTube Twitter Website Traffic etc. etc …

Being a beginner, we have nothing Quora followers : very very few Facebook followers: very very few Twitter followers: very very few Website traffic: very very few! no ranking at all

And one more question to you how much time it took them to build this empire ??

it’s not less than 5 years ; but :

Do we have to struggle for five more years to bring these kinds of results and become a successful blogger that too in this era of tech and all the resources available do we really need that much of time ??

Absolutely not

& that is the purpose of implementing Human Blog Network ( HBN) framework

Now, as a beginner we face these problems:

Even if we have people following us, they are our relatives, school friends, college friends who don’t even know what is blogging by the way

Once we write an article we post on : Facebook: but no one is there to read us

Others facebook group: they will block us ( saying we are spamming; so can’t post article link all the time it means we can’t promote our all article )

Twitter: We have no followers who read our article So, even if we tweet our stuff on twitter no one is there who reads it.

This is the main reason mos of the blogger quite blogging.

I know that how it feels when the article you write will be only read by your mom & DAD

And I will try to solve this issue with this article..

Now its clear that you have no followers as a beginner


Do we have our competitors or not?

Twitter: all are our competitors: from beginners to experts Facebook: same case, all are our competitors

pinterest, reddit,insta,youtube, whatever you name.

And only one way to be away from these competitors is to stop following other bloggers and start following ordinary people ( too lousy idea 🙂 )

so we can’t do that also

To grow as a blogger, we must follow other bloggers from beginners to expert level.

And finally what happens ??

All turn out to be our competitors …

Now: You may think…

Ok Raju!!! its quite enough of convincing us that these are the problems that we face all the time as beginners..

So what is the solution??

The solution is Blogging BIG’s ( my) HBN framework


What is HBN Framework? How is Helpful To Transform From Newbie To Authority Blogger:

so here is how:

feel fresh newbies ; (pat yourself back! you are reading this article till here.) I am going to erase all of your problems today and help you to transfer yourself from newbie to authority blogger.

So as a beginner, you know that no one shares our content, no one tweet our article no one follows us, no one votes on our answers, no one shares our article

so now my plan is:

Here I am blogging into Blogging and SEO niche: So along with me, there are so many experts who are blogging in the same niche as mine.

and so many newbies or intermediate people who are blogging in the same niche

Now what I will do is :

Make a list of 100 bloggers who are on my niche especially those who are struggling to grow ( forget experts here )

and call them one by one may be over facebook or connect with them on email


Whichever way seems feasible

I share with them who I am; why I am talking to them.Build a rappo with them

(don’t go more than 100 bloggers it’s more than enough)

Now I will make a closed group with those 100 bloggers where I can interact with them; we will start becoming like a FAMILY BROS ( brothers)

Now I will tell them to find other 10 bloggers who are struggling to grow their blog

They should be in the same niche as we are in or somehow or the other way similar niche.

Then, I will tell those 100 bloggers to make a close connection with them

personal group personal chat like FAMILY BROS


Altogether we have in total: 100 bloggers who are connected by me & other 10 bloggers who are connected by individual 100 bloggers


100*10= 1000 bloggers + 100 bloggers =1100 bloggers network.

That’s what I call it HBN Framework


All those 100 bloggers who are made by me initially, an they are now close to me;

I will lead them.

And those 10 groups made by these 100 bloggers should be close to that blogger who creates the group like family BROS

And this 10 bloggers group should be lead by that one blogger of my circle who has created this group.

Therefore, this network of ours becomes accountable, productive, and efficient.

& those who are not srious into blogging; and trying to violate the group or not trying to find other 10 bloggers of the similar niche.

BOOM… I will kick him out from the circle and let him grow alone ; No worries

Confusing ??

Read it multiple times; just don’t read put your mind to understand what I mean.

If you know and implement it, you will be an authority bloggers very soon

so read it once again if you didn’t understand

SO, What next after making those networks of 1100 bloggers

you get hell lot of benefits


The Benefits of Implementing Blogging BIG’s HBN Framework

Now we will support each other

Those 100 bloggers made by me will help each other

and other 10 bloggers network made by those individual 100 bloggers will support each other

so altogether we will get support by 1100 bloggers for everything.

Here is the gem you get after using Framework:

  • If I write a single article, it will be shared by 1100 bloggers
  • My youtube channel will be subscribed by 1100 bloggers ( my network )
  • My quora profile will be followed by 1100 bloggers ( my network )
  • Now, for my Quora answer, it will be upvoted by 1100 bloggers ( it will go to quora digest most of the time )
  • Now my article will be twitted by 1100 bloggers on twitter.
  • Now my YouTube video will be shared by 1100 bloggers every time I upload. (from my network)

Now, What not;

If you need backlinks to rank your article, you can play around with your network and get as many backlinks as you want ( playing safely is up to you )

Cool part:

And when 1100 bloggers share my content, they may have other 100s to 1000s of people who follow them all together in twitter facebook Pinterest, Quora etc. etc

Now out of their followers only if 10 people come in interaction with my content I will have

1100*10= 11k interaction for every article I post virtually !!! Now isn’t it enough to reach to the level where you want?

& slowly if those 11k starts following you and you have started funneling them properly if out of them only 1k shares your article

and their follower say, 10 comes in interaction with your content it will add up 1000*10=10k

virtually!!! it can be 10X , 50X bigger also you know the power of compounding effect. let’s not assume too much high and too much low too

now what not: You will soon become an authority blogger in your niche

I guarantee you can handle 100 people very easily i know you are future entrepreneur; and see the result its something you can’t imagine

But if you don’t follow HBN framework it may take you a way long time ;

Coz when you don’t go this way and you decide to go alone no one will take responsibility to share your content

but here, its all planed and structured web we are trying to make

and by this time you already know its result

CONGRATULATION!!! in advanced coz, i know if you implement this you are gonna be authority blogger in half the time

Now you may be thinking this benefit is only for me among those 1100 ( bloggerS network)

No, you are wrong …

I share their content also I share their youtube video also I upvote their answers on Quora I retweet their tweet also. And not only me this will be done by all other 1100 bloggers

so for every blogger who is in our network they will get the same benefit as I get


Now,problem In implementing HBN framework is :

If I execute this strategy I personally know only 100 bloggers who are in my circle I don’t know other bloggers network made by those 100 other people.

So, I don’t know remaining 1k bloggers who are supporting me. So how do I help them?

Solution is : As every 100 bloggers make 1 network of 10 people; and out of that he will lead those 10 people.

and like that other 99 bloggers will make 1 group of each 10 people so it’s easy for him/her to control that group of 10 people and he will lead that group And I will lead those leaders.

So, As I discussed above, I will have all those initial 100 bloggers in my control and my close group

So if whenever any new article comes from any one of our circle of 1100 bloggers.

out of 10 group say 1 group’s member has writen article

then he will give link of that article in a group where he is connected to

the leader of them will be in my original group of 100

so he that leader will give link in that 100 bloggers group where all are leaders of other 10 respective group

Then they will share that article in their respective group and it will be shared by every members of the every groups

and same thing applies to other stuff also like Yotube videos , Quora answer upvode, tweet etc etc

It’s my origional group…

so it gets compounded 100*10= 1000 shares + 100 share by those leaders = 1100 share for everyone’s article

and that compounding effect of 1000 shares applies for all and if they have at least 1k followers and if out of that 10 people interact with the same article again.

It will have 11k interaction for the same one single article

So not only me but everyone non-leader members also get same advantage as I get

boom !!!

Aren’t you happy with this framework

If yes do share right now; without bringing second thought

YOOO!!! I am done with explaining my HBN framework its now time to implement

& not only in blogging or digital marketing niche you can implement this strategy in any niche travel fashion education health gaming any niche you name of …

If still confused or not convinced with my framework, please read it multiple times till you get it if you are a serious blogger

Are you convinced with my framework??

Now its time to execute:

Planning and Ideas without execution is like a pen that doesn’t write, its better if you don’t have

So, I am going to execute this idea myself from today itself,

And it’s a serious blog post.

So if you are a newbie or an intermediate blogger or anyone who loved this idea and want to start executing this idea let’s do it now.

and if you have a blog which somehow is similar to my niche (blogging &SEO) then do contact me by filling up the form below.

Its a google sheet which you need to fill up if you want to come in my team or my network.

And if you have been reading this from the beginning,

I hope by this time you are clear that I am going to take only 100 bloggers in my team and rest network will be made by you …

So fill up the form below to enter into my team Blogging BIG Network ( team ) seats are limited

only 100 members.So hurry up ( its all free buddy)

and share this article with your friend ;

Let’s make it viral; Let’s help everyone to grow together

If you don’t implement this together with other bloggers, silently you are competing with them, and they are fighting with you

But if you implement this you will complement them, and they will compliment you; no competition

Let me know in the comment its worth trying or not?

Yours, Raju Khadka

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