How we work

Welcome to Group Blogging Platform

Blogging BIG ( BLogging In Group.) is the 1st Nepali common blogging platform that helps individual bloggers to make money passively by becoming an author

How it works

1. Register on Our Platform

The first step to start working with BloggingBIG is to register on our platform. First, you need to click on ‘’get started’’ and you will get your login details via email. With these details, you can directly login to the WordPress backend as an author.

2. Decide Your Category

Choose the category you want to write on. However, you are allowed to select only one category of your choice. So think of the category you can put your heart on. You need to mention your interested category at the time of registration.

3. Submit Your Article to Review

Once you finish proofreading your article, submit it for review. The article will be checked by our experts. Before submitting, try your best to avoid any kind of grammatical errors. The rest of the editing will be done by our experts. So yes, research more, worries less.

4. Earn for Your Work

“Every day is your bank account, and time is your currency. No one is rich, no one is poor-we’ve got 24 hours each.’’ Each of your words will be respected. Work for your passion and we make sure you get paid in return.

5. Expand Your Audience

Your story does not end here. Keep writing about what you love to build and expand your readership. We will help you spread your words among people who love to read what you have to share and it gets appreciated

Things to Know Before Becoming Writer

Writers are allowed to choose to write on any topic they want to write. But, they are not allowed to write for more than one beat and are also not allowed to write in random topics.
Suppose you are a writer who loves writing about health then you are more than welcome to write on the health industry but you need to choose a topic you are going to write within that health industry.
If you decide to write about a balanced diet, then you need to write articles about balanced diets. For instance, you cannot write about running one day and jump to chronic diseases or hair fall problems the other day.
You have freedom to choose any topic, but you need to be writing only on the topic you choose. This makes you an authorized writer and an expert in the field you choose and this will definitely boost your market value and credibility.