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Raju Khadka’s Internal Linking SEO Strategy For High Ranking In 2020

Raju Khadka’s Internal Linking SEO Strategy For High Ranking In 2020

Internal Linking In SEO is one of the tough task to be carried out unless its done in a right way. In this guide, I will show you the correct way of interlinking.

Remember this, Internal links are most crucial thing in SEO ranking factor its as equal as backlinks

The following research shows the correlation of internal linking and ranking in SERP

Ahrefs has conducted a research to know what % of pages at each position in the top 10:

  • …had an internal link from the homepage of their website;
  • …had an internal link from one of the “10 most linked to” pages of their own website website.
Conclusion: Linking from good page which has acquired more back links is better than Linking from home page

What is Internal Linking?

Internal linking is a process where one content is linked to the other relevent content of same site to provide the more information or more value to the readers.

Let’s look at the following example of internal linking.

Internal link : Source: neilpatel

The scenario is :

Let’s imagine you are writing an article about dog food then in such case you can link this dog food article with the Dog helath article if you have already written article about dog health.

That’s called Internal linking

After reading this article you will know the internal linking technique then you need to learn the anchor text strategy too .

If you don’t know anchor text strategy , but you know how to do internal linking ( probably after reading this article ) its like you know how to eat but you don’t know what is healthy to eat or not

Wait !! don’t be in hurry first of all take all my interlinking tips and tricks then read about anchor text from gotchSEO

Now let’s talk about:

How Internal link looks Like : Following is the example of Internal linking :

Interlinking e.g from wikipedia ( note: I don’t suggest this way )

Here I have typed the word Science in wikipedia and it explains the meaning of science and in between there are the terms which can have the relavent meaning of its own which are all marked with blue text all those blue texts are internal links.

Best example of internal linking is your website navigation ( Menu bar)

Internal Links in HTML:

This is what internal links looks like in HTML

<a href="">SEO Tips</a>

Here SEO tips is called anchor text which will be turned into Blue color text in my blog like how is in wikipedia page above ..

Importance: Why Internal linking is a Best SEO Practice?

Internal linking are one of the most important because it gives search engine a clear sense about the site structure and the content hierarchy.

This helps search engines to identify the most valuable resources providing best valuable information to readers.Which of course helps in SEO.

Importance of Interlinking

Now let me explain the above image :

How Google Finds Whether Page is Important or Not

Let’s say that most important page of your website is page 2 here :

The google spider or the bot goes to your website page 1

It finds a internal link from page 1 to page 3 and page 4

It crawls and indexes page 3 and page 4

Spider never finds a link to page 2 from any page 1 page 3 or page 4

That means, google assumes that page to is a weak page or not importnat page so it may not index that page at all in some cases

So, if that happened forget that with any of your SEO technique or anything you can never rank this page 2

But chances are there if you ranked page 1 by any means your page 4 or page 3 may start ranking automatically without much effort

why so? :

Because, the link juice is passed from page 1 to page 3 and page 4. Hope you are clear about why Interlinking is important

We will talk about the benifits of internal linking in later part but , before let’s start with how to do internal linking

Internal Linking Techniques In SEO Which are Most to Know:

Ok now let’s get onto some of my own strategy

Link Internal Rich Content with Internal Rich Content

This is the basic of internal linking strategy.

Some people do link from anywhere to anywhere because they know that internal linking is good seo practice.

But these days, google is smarter like human being so don’t play with it in wrong way even if you are doing unknowingly the wrong way of interlinking google doesn’t know you are doing unknowingly.

It treats as a practice to cheat google just to get high ranking

Best suggestion, link Internal blog post with internal blog post to get max SEO value out of Internal linking.

Link to other resource only when its sure most necessary

Maintain link Relevancy: It Matter a Lot

Well, by this time you know interlinking is important for seo if you want to get higher rank in SERP. But only the problem is how to find that the content you linking are 101% relevant?

You have to do internal linking in such a way that a person reading your article should stop reading it and jump to page you are linking finish that and come back to original page

This is called a relevant internal linking in SEO language. Otherwise just linking for the shake of linking is a Joking with Google ( which google may not laugh at rather get irritated)

#Quick tips: when performing Internal linking you must maintain the anchor text ratio.

Scenario of linking:

I am writing this article Internal linking strategy for higher ranking now as you know this topic comes under SEO category now on-page seo also comes under SEO category off-page seo also comes under SEO category.


Anchor text comes under seo category and it is more closer to Internal linking strategy if you carefully had read my Qucik Tips just above.

Now In this case, though I am writing about SEO topic Linking to Anchor text from this article is more relavant than linking to another article of mine which talks about On-page SEO or off-page SEO . That’s called Relevant linking.

OMG! I have just gave you the super gem concept ;

Keep reading !!! there are more gems coming

Never Link Blog Post with Navigation

You know internal linking passes the link juice very effectively so if you link from say blog post A to the menubar Contact page or any other category Page its link juice will be passed from that page to those menu bar page which is bad


Because, Your manu bar are very closer to the home page they are already more stronger than your individual blog post.

Hence, if you link to them its like a person who has only 10$ in pocket is giving 5$ to the person who has 10000$ which doesn’t make effect to receiver but it affects lot to giver as he had only little amount.

Rather it should be reverse.

What I mean is: As your Menu bar pageo or ( SILO Page) already have a better capacity than normal blog post.

Again that power you which you give from blog post to navigation page will be distributed to several other blog post which may also be less relevant to your blog post from where you have given a link so its kind of less effective.

Therefore, why not to give direct link to those post which are relevant to post from where you are giving link rahter than giving to Navigation page

My god Again You got another Gem From me ..

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#Quick Tip:

For shake of Diluting and maintaining anchor text ratio of links don’t put words like click here go here kind, it should speak about the destination page

To learn about anchor text ratio of your links you can watch this video by gotch SEO:

Give a New Life To Your Old Pages With New Links

You might have heared that google loves old article but fresh content ( you might be saying what is this man old article and fresh content how its possible )

Well, You migh have heard about this suggestion every SEOs gives you

“Regularly update your article with new content by adding little extra value or paragraph”.

In the same way :

You can give life to old content by giving new or fresh internal links to it”

very less people knows about this trick

OMG I gave another Gem to you right now

As internal links plays more value in your seo effort

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Blogging BIG -Connecting The Blogging Dots

Like wise even if you get new links from other site from its fresh content your articl as well e gets counted as a fresh article.. updated and up to date article.

Fix the Number Game of Internal Linking

One of the best example I can give to say that we need not follow all the time high ranking site are doing

Look at to this example of wikipedia

For a word dance they are using like more than 100s of internal links still they are ranking for several keywords

there are again sites which are ranking good with only few links.

So whom do we follow ?

Do we follow wikipedia or not ?

I would rather say ” while interlinking article better focus on relevancy ( google’s SEO ranking factor) rather than number game.

Still if you want to follow exact no. game 4 or 5 internal links in one article is good to go no less no more (unless needed)”

Make all Internal Links Do follow

Wait wait …!!! don’t stop reading just by knowing Heading

I have put one gem inside content.

Most of the SEOs has a debate whether Internal links should be do follow or no follow some says balance between do follow and no follow.

But what I say is make all do follow except in case:

Why Except?

Because, Internal links passes link juice to the destination page.

Let’s say while writing a blog post you may want to link to certain resource of your page which may hlep your readers but the resource you are giving links to will get link juice from your page.

But, what if that resource was already ranking in first position or #0 ( ZERO position )

you will waste the link juice for a no reason..

Yes you need to be greedy in all these things .

why to waste link authority by giving do follow link in such case isn’t it? I would suggest rather preserver your authority and give No follow link this time and give do follow link to other content which needs it

OMG didn’t I give you gem ?

So next time onwards when you read my blog don’t leave by knowing headline coz I always give gem inside content

#Quick Tips: Never give do follow internal links to article which are already ranking preserve link juice and give it to some other blog post which needs it most.

How To Do Internal linking when SILO Structure Implemented on Site

When you have implemented silo structure the way you do normal internal linking and silo internal linking differs.

Before we know silo internal linking let me explain you what is silo ..

In a nut shell, Just understand that silo structure is an architecture of a website which helps to bring hierarchy between all the content of the website so all content supports each other to rank higher.

I have made following figure for you to understand what is silo structure and how to do interlinking when this structure is implemented.

Now let me explain this figure: Scenario:

In normal case we can connect article 7 with article 8 or article 9 or article 1 to article 9 or any where as per our desire if the content are relevant

But, when you have implemented silo architecture interlinking the any post of silo 1 to any post of silo 2 or silo 3 is not allowed and vice-versa.

In case if you want to link you can link deep inner article or post to the other silo page itself but not with the silo post.

But, you can link any related article on same silo.

ex: You can link any article of particular silo to any article of same silo keeping all those previous rules or techniques i have mentioned above.

OMG I have given another GEM to you right now

if you want to learn the Silo Structure concept this video will help you out

Benefits Of Internal Linking:

Well, to some level you are aware the very importance of internal linking the best tips tricks and my favorite techniques of doing internal lets understand the plus point of it:


  • Internal linking helps to reach the power of back links to the post even though its getting zero back links.
  • Internal link can guide search crawlers to crawl easy
  • Another benefit of it is to direct link equity.
  • Impact usability and SEO
  • Another top advantage of internal linking is helps to attain good dwell time
  • Internal linking helps to maintain good bounce rate
  • Internal linking helps for good User experience ( UX)
  • Internal linking helps to increase page view in website
  • Internal linking is helpful for increasing page rank of the page

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