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8 Productivity Tips & Hacks for Bloggers That Makes You Blog Like Pro in 2020

8 Productivity Tips & Hacks for Bloggers That Makes You Blog Like Pro in 2020

Are you a blogger? and starting a blog with some purpose?

Do you want to be more productive in your blogging  & get done more in less time?

I was like you a year ago, ” struggling to get things done. ” But finally, have cracked the game.

Do you want to know those productivity tips that I have used for myself?

if you silently said ” YES “even though I don’t hear it (:)  Here are my practical 8 productivity tips for bloggers

1. Maintain To-do lists: This Hack Improves Your Accountability Trait

Maintaining the to-do lists makes you more accountable for doing anything that needs to be done. 

Some of you might be thinking that you can do things even without writing to-do lists and you might also think that when you write to-do lists you will be limited only to those lists and you don’t do anything new you will be in a boundary. 

Somehow this can be true but I have felt and experienced myself that not having a to-do list and getting something done new regularly is 90% of the time not feasible. 

so if you have to-do lists you will achieve everything that needs to be done. 

When you research you don’t write and When you write you don’t research: 

What I mean is writing and researching are two different things some people mix both and when they research they write simultaneously so this leads them to not having good research and not be able to have good writing.
So for you to be a productive blogger you got to research first separately then write later separately

2. Fill Images later not at the time or writing: This tip Helps You to Consume Less Time 

Another biggest problem is to insert relevant images in your blog post:

There are two approaches you can take to work with the image. 

What I mostly do is : 

I first finalize that in this section image should come and then I will write (image ) on the bold letter and once my writing is done I will insert images later. 

Otherwise, if you keep searching for the image at the same time you lose writing energy. It feels like you have sat down for a lot more time but not any work has been done. And this makes you unproductive

The second approach I take is I create a separate file on my laptop by the name of the blog topics then I will start saving the relevant image on my folder then later I will upload images to my google docs. 

And how I do is: suppose If I am writing any technical guide, and if I am also not aware of what comes next then I will start performing that action then if there are any steps I will take the screenshot and put them on my laptop.
This time I won’t be doing any editing to that image like giving an arrow or any sort of things. I would suggest you do the same do one thing at one time.

It feels such a small thing but its really effective one 

3. Breakdown Your Blog Writing Goals: This tip Turns Your Goal into Achievable Action 

This is one of the super effective things to take from all these lists. 

Let me explain to you… 

If you set your goal to write 100 blog post in one year now if you keep such a vague goal you will never achieve this 

I bet ( lol )

But wait … don’t feel sad I will give you the best solution 

If you have a goal to publish 100 blog post in this year 2020 

Break it down to 100/12 = 8 

It means you need to write 8 blog post in a single month 

Now break that to 1 week 

8/7 = 1 you got to write 1 blog post every week 

Now let’s divide that to 1 day 

If you want to publish a blog post with 2000 word ( let’s say this is the minimum length your post might have when you cover things in-depth ) 

Around 300 words you need to write daily.. 

Its less than a 30 minutes work buddy … 

You don’t even feel like you are writing … 

It’s less than a bathroom time buddy … 

Be a smart blogger, not a hard worker

Now if you can’t write 300 words in one day and can’t give 30 minutes to your blogging journey… You are a wrong guy reading this post 

And let me ask you don’t you write 300 words daily on messenger chat? If you can’t spare such a small amount of time to write for your blog then you are not going to be a blogger for sure…
stop reading this article further if so.

Take an oath that you are going to give 30 minutes daily for your blog post 

Right now !!!  decide you are gonna give 30 minutes daily to your blog.  No excuse !!! then read further otherwise good by from here …. ( yes I am rude sorry )  but I want you to be an achiever and the achiever takes action … 

I hope you are not a loser and have decided to give 30 minutes to your blogging journey daily by this time … let’s go further dear. 

4. Turn-off distraction: This Let’s You to complete Task  on Time

Now, what I need you to do is turn off your distractions while you write. The best suggestion for you is taking a separate place when you write and let your friends and family know that you are writing and inform them not to disturb when you write. 

  1. Turn off your phone 
  2. Have a water bottle with you 
  3. Decide how much you’re gonna write today before writing. 
  4. No need to go extra

don’t fall on the trap of doing extra .. you don’t need extra work you need what you want . if you think writing 500 words is sufficient for today no need to go to extra 1000 words. 

That’s not going to give your result but never do even one word less than you expected … just write how much you have decided.. 

And if you did more unintentionally pat yourself back and feel proud for a moment .. 

When you do extra without you feeling like you have done extra that’s when you really rock in your blogging journey that’s my super-effective hack 

And that’s my formula for productivity. 

5. Outline Your Blog Post First: Makes your Writing Easy & Fast 

This is another one of the great tips i could give you. 

The first thing I do is i first Outline my headings and subheadings 

For every topic I will first write subheadings and paste it on google docs then later I will start filling all these subheadings. 

You can see on the image below how I do this… while I am writing on this particular sub-heading my subheads that come under this are already there on my docs all I need to do is fill them

6. Proof-read Later: This single tip will Make you Productive Writer 

Again the same tips that I have given earlier come handy here do you remember I have been saying you to do only one thing at one time

If its image work do separately 

Separate research and writing  

Likewise separate grammar correction and writing time 

If you write “the “ in place of “ at “ leave it as it is,  keeps going keep writing there are tools to fix this one of my favorites is Grammarly. 

Search Grammarly extension and then install this chrome extension ( you can install for another browser too ) 

Copy your all content to the Grammarly as a new document and start fixing 

Or you can also fix errors on your docs, all you need to do is click on the red underlined word and then it suggests to you the best possible option for you instead. 

If you see my screenshot there are lot more red mark words in my writing and if I think of fixing it by now I start feeling like I have been here to write for an hour + but no much work has been done.  & that makes me de-motivated that makes me unproductive rather. 

So I will later fix all the grammar issues and that makes my editing flow and I can do much work that way in less time.

7. Automate What You Can with IFTTT: Saves you a lot of Time

This tool helps you to automate everything 

If you want to publish your blog post on social media twitter LinkedIn

You got to do one by one but if you use IFTT ( if this then that) then you can easily automate everything it means if you publish on Facebook you this tool will automatically publish the same thing on LinkedIn twitter Pinterest everywhere in a platform you want. Isn’t it a cool trick?
watch the video on how to set up IFTT by clicking on the video icon

8. Ask Some Content Help From Audience: This will Give You a  Unique Content Angle

Let me explain to you this …
There is one guy who does this so effectively he is a founder of 

He has a Facebook group of 11k+ and whenever he wants to write any new content he gets an idea on what to cover from these group member 

Let’s look at the image below 

productivity tips ask to your audience

 Did you see so many comments everyone have given their own idea of how they are becoming productive every day 

Now he makes content related to that topic and includes things that others are implementing in their life.

I observed this and I learned it from him 

So when I was writing this blog post I did the same and I have implemented the same things here 

Do you wanna see the proof he has written a blog post on productivity or not? 

Here you go .. 


Some of my other productivity tips for beginner bloggers are: 


  •  Set Effective Deadline
  • Observe room for optimization 
  • Co-work with others to support your weakness
  • Make a template for everything possible
  • Use Shot-cuts everywhere possible 
  • Position yourself as a work-mood guy 
  • Follow the 2-Minute Rule
  • Follow 5-sec count rule
  • Hire People
  • Think smart
  •  Don’t try making your content grammar nazi
  •  Follow blogging SOP
  • Prioritize your work
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique
  • Try Coworking Spaces
  • Light Cardio Exercises
  • Decide content length 
  • Write daily 

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