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QnA Interview with Blogger He Has something To Teach You

QnA Interview with Blogger He Has something To Teach You

Today I am interviewing founder (Blogger) of He has something to teach all of us today with his exp. Let’s see what he has to teach us with his experience

He is going to give some best blogging tips, seo tips, strategy and things not to do as a blogger and things to do as a blogger.

Me: Soumyadip Can you Introduce yourself with my audience ?

He:I am Soumyadip Dutta I am the founder/CEO of and

I am doing blogging from 2018. I love to share my knowledge with everyone.

If I can share any thing which can help someone why I will not share.

I am not a full time blogger, but I manage time.

I am curently a Computer Science student. Special thanks to Raju for giving me an opportunity to share about me here. If you want to learn blogging do follow

Q1>> What are the 5 main problems newbie face in blogging ?

Ans>> How to choose good niche: Mean if someone don’t know about health and he is choosing health niche no mean. You should need to choose good niche what you know. As I am a tech guy so I run smartphone and blogging related blog.

They, as a newbie blogger don’t know which platform need to choose like blogger, wordpress self hosted or If they don’t have money I would prefere to go with blogger, as blogger offer more customization than

If any newbie have enough money like 25$ to 35$ I would prefer him/her to go with self hosted wordpress.

Keyword research: They really don’t know which type of keyword they need to choose.

If you are new in blogging you must need to choose low competition keywords with low search volume. It will help you to rank faster. ( learn to do Keyword Research

Newbie only thinks about backlink: They start building spammy backlinks as they don’t have knowledge.

Off-Page is no more too much important mean off page 30% depends to rank one article other 70% depends on on-page. Every blogger should need to fix there page load time, good theme, good writing style. Use keywords properly write catchy good headlines that brings clicks

Website Hosting: If they are starting with wordpress they buy shit 100rs/ year hosting and get lots of down time and slow. So I would suggest to choose good hosting.

Money: Every new blogger think they can start earning from the day after they start with blogging they must need to focus on content. If you right good content you cna make lots of money of course we blog for this reason only.

Q2>> What are the 5 main tool every bloggers should use?

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Answare The Public
  • Ubersuggest/Semrush/Ahref
  • Google Sheet
  • Grammarly

Q3> What is the best for a newbie choosing authority blog or micro niche blog? why?

Ans>> Microniche + Authority blog mean you should need to launch authority blog but start posting microniche topics rank theme. When you receive good traffic start posting other topic.hope you got it.

Q4>> What is the best way to learn SEO?

Ans>> I will say google. Mean search term and learn, I know it will take times but with it you will gain more knowledge. When you will read different blog about 1 topic you will know too many things.

Q5>> How long does it take for a new blogger to reach in certain level from where he/s can start making money ?

Ans>> Minimum 6 month need. Withing 6 months you can rank good articles then you can start making money through affiliate. I am using affiliate for some website and adsense in some website. But I earn more from affiliate than adsense.

Q6>> Is blogging really worth the time?

Ans>> Yes, but depends on man to man. If you are not productive you are lazy you cant do. You must have interest in blogging.

Q7>> How you can get motivation to blog contniuously even if results are not that much instant

Ans>> I just think I can do any thing. Personally, I never think for motivation as i learn and implement.

Q8>> Whom do you follow to learn blogging?

Ans>> MasterBlogging, Backlinko, ShoutmeLoud. Backlinko and MasterBlogging is my fevorite blog.

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