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SEO & Tech Meetup In Kathmandu ASK Buddie

SEO & Tech Meetup In Kathmandu ASK Buddie

Are You An SEO Expert Or SEO Interested In Nepal? This Saturday Seo And Tech Meetup In Kathmandu Nepal 25th Is Happening Let’s Learn Seo And Technology Trends From Experts.

SEO Meetup In Kathmandu

Along With The Seo Meetup The Same Day ( Saturday Itself ) We Are Also Going Discuss The Very Verticals Of Technology.

If You Have Any Kind Of SEO Or Any Technical Knowledge In Any Of The Programmings Either Be A Python, Cloud Computing, Designing Or Any Of The Technology Field.

If You Are Interested To Learn New Things Or If You Have Some Experience Which You Want To Share With Other Than Kindly Join This Meetup Which Is Going To Be Held On Saturday 25th In Kathmandu Nepal

This Meetup Is Being Organized By No.1 Nepali Tech Forum By The Name Of “Ask Buddie”

A Tech Group On Facebook With 9k People Helping Each Other To Learn More And More.

So This Time The Same Group Is Organizing The Meetup. Hope To Se You There

If You Are Interested To Learn About SEO  There Are So Many SEO Experts Coming To The Event To Share Their Knowledge! Don’t Forget To Join.

Among  Them, The Guy Who Is Writing This Article Right Now Is Also Going To Talk About Blogging And SEO Things In The Same Meetup

HECK ! YEAH Its Me 🙂

& I Am Going To Through Hell Lot Of SEO Tips There

Let’s Catch Up There Also

When It Comes To Blogging And SEO Following Are The Topics That I Am Going To Cover In The Meetup

Saturday SEO meetup Topics To Be Covered

1> Niche Research

2> Content Type Identification ( Practical Demo )

3> Content Structure That Sure It Ranks In SERP( Practical Demo)

4> Keyword Research In Seo ( Practical Demo)

5> Keyword Competition Analysis In SEO.

6> Content Amplification

7> Content Distribution

These Are The Main Topics That Are Going To Be Discussed In This Saturday’s Meetup.

Saturday 25th
Ask Buddie
Meetup – Technology Topics To Be Covered

When It Comes To Tech Filed There Are So Many People They Are Going To Talk About The Several Area Of The Technology

Like :



Cloud Computing

Web Development

Java Script



All Of The Above Points Are Going To Be So Much So That All Are Truly Only Practical.

Even If You Are A Student Its A Golden Opportunity For You To Network With The Brilliant Mind And Yes, Of Course, You Are Going To Have A Very Good Networking

People Say Network = Net-Worth So Have Your Network Increase This Saturday By Attending The Ask Buddies Meetup

Just Do One Thing

Go To This Facebook Group Of Ask Buddies Join The Group And Post Hey Buddies I M Coming For The Saturday Meetup ; Are You Coming ?

LEZGO! DOi+ Bye Bye

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