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Here in this blog, I am planning to give all the seo tips and tricks either you be a new blogger or and experienced ones

I will fill this resources page with so much of value that every seo optimization tips and best practices will put here

So you don’t have to go anywhere to read and learn about seo from basic to advanced level .

So as of now let’s go with some of the basic things to learn in seo

Search Console verification: How to Use Google Search Console

search console verification and how to use google search console

Everyone who has a website probably have heard the name Google search console or the google webmaster tool.

Today you will learn about what is google search console how to use it and Search console verification easy process

After you have learned how to verify the search console , the next step comes to setting up google analytics

How to setup Google Analytics on WordPress [without plugin]

Easy Guide: How to setup Google Analytics on wordpress [without plugin]

Adding plugins for everything decreases site speed ; 

Google analytics is one of the best things you need to have in your site so do Easily and Quickly add google tracking code & learn how to set up google anlytics on your wordpress without using any plugins !

After you have done this let’s learn about some of the best search engine optimization technique

This article contains some of the best easy seo tips for a blog or new website

9 SEO Tips: Best search Engine Optimization Techniques

9 SEO Tips: Best search Engine Optimization Techniques [2019]

Want to learn some SEO tactics that works in 2019? Check this out to learn about best search engine optimization techniques

After you have installed your wordpress next step comes to install some wordpress plugins to optimize for better seo lets talk about those plugins

To learn about those plugins you can jump to WordPress Tutorials

Now let’s talk about crawling in seo

Crawling in SEO: Become Error free, In-depth Knowledge

Crawling in SEO: Become Error free,
In-depth Knowledge

Do you want to Learn waht is crawling in SEO ? 

Its importance, how web crawler works? and how to solve all crawling error and index fast and rank higher then read crawling in SEO

How To Fix 404 Errors in Webmaster Tool

fix 404 errors in search console

Today,I will guide you on how to fix 404 errors in webmaster tool.

I know how frustrating its when there are so many of the pages showing 404 error in your website which reduces all your SEO optimization effort directly

Like this there are so many resources you need to build up your SEO ; I will keep on adding here so bookmark this page right now.

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