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Udit Goenka And Ankit Singla Sharing Exclusive Blog Growth Hacking Strategy For Beginners

Udit Goenka And Ankit Singla Sharing Exclusive Blog Growth Hacking Strategy For Beginners

It Was So Awesome To Have These Brilliant Minds To Be Together And I Was The Another Lucky One To Witness Their Discussion About Blog Growth Hacking Tips And Techniques For Beginners.

First Of All, Let’s Know Who Is Udit Goenka And Who Is Ankit Singla.

Who Is Udit Goenka? 

Udit Goenka Is An Entrepreneur With So Many Ventures  In Digital Space

Udit Goenka Is  

He Is Growth Hacker

Who Is Ankit Singla?

Ankit Singla (Founder Of Masterblogging.Com )  Is An Indian  Top Blogger And Affiliate Marketer Who Teaches You To Learn To Build An Authority Blog

Let’s Not Talk Much About These Super Mans For More You Can Type  Related Query Like Blogging Tips , Bloggers Outreach, Affiliate Marketing Tips , How To Write List Post, How To Find Longtail Keywords Etc Etc And See The Google First Page.

That Is The Perfect Answer For Who Ankit Singla Is

So Let’s Get Started With Our Growth Hacking Techniques Now

Growth hacking Tips 1: Get inside the Secret Network of Influencers

Udit Says:
Udit Was New Like You And Me Trying To Learn Here And There Something New And Testing Everything Of His Own

And Even If He Discovers Anything New His Content Used To Be Shared By Some  People In Social Meida

And Who Were There To Share His Content Do You Want To Know Who Were They?

College Friend
School Friend
And Facebook Friend Who Wants To Support Him Or Some Are Even A Kind Of Person Who Likes Our Content On Facebook Or Social Media Without Actually Reading It

Same Like Your Story Sin’t It ?

And My Question To You Is :

Do You Think This Way You Are Gonna  Grow  Your Blog Yourselves Even Though You Are  Hardworking And Passionate Blogger Who Knows Little Bit Of  SEO Here And There ?

Of Course Not…

And Udit Was Tired Of This,  As He Is Now Growth Hacker Who Knows How To Grow Any Blog And Make A Successful One.

And Of Course He Was Of The Same Mindset In Beginning Days Too. So He Started Getting Inside The Network Of Brian Dean By Using This Growth Hack Tactics.

How? What Is That Hack?

It Is By Enrolling In Brian Deans Course ( SEO That Works)

How This Is Going To Be Helpful For Bloggers Like You & Me?

Now, After Udit Buys His Course,  Udit Is His Student Or Customer ( You Name It Any) Now Brian Dean Wants To Make Sure That He ( Udit Gets Result At Any Cost) Otherwise Its Going To Be A Bad Reputation For Biran Dean Brand And Brian Dean Value It( His Brand Reputation) So Much That He Helps Udit At Any Cost.

Now Whenever Udit Shoots A Mail To Brian Dean He Replies Immediately Even Now ( After Some Years)
This Was The First Growth Hack Udit Goenka Himself Has Been Using From The Very Past.

Now, Not Only Help In Via Mail, But Also Brian Shares Udit’s Progress New Business, New Venture, And New Strategies Too And Brian Has So Many Followers Now Udit Is Visible To Them As Well.

It Would Not Have Been Possible Otherwise.

As Of Now, You Do Not Have Many People To Follow You, And If You Got To Expose Yourself With Brian Dean’s Audience Isn’t This Gold?

So, The First Hack Buy Influencers Course It Helps You To Learn And Earn Followers Too.

Liked The Growth Hack?

Keep Reading! There Are A Lot More Methods Coming Up


Don’t Be Lame, Put Your Mind To Work. Here You Don’t Have To Stay Away If You Can’t Buy  Brian Dean’s Course Start By Buying Course Of Influential People Whom You Can Afford Too.

Even Our Ankit Singla Has A Course Which Helps You To Learn To Blog & You Can Apply The Same With Ankit Or Other Influencers Too And Get Into Inside Their Network And Of Course, Learning Too Is There Not Just Network.


Let’s Jump Into Second Growth Hacking Tips Now:

Tips 2: Give Testimonial and build high-quality backlinks instantly

This Is Another Way Of Leveraging The Same Blog Growth Hacking Strategy That I Discussed Above ( Oh ! My God Blog Growth Hacking Strategy I Put Up Good Keyword Here 🙂

Now, Who Doesn’t Love To Get The Genuine Testimonial Of Their Product

You Love
I Love
Everyone Loves It

Look At To The Image Below:

This Is The Perfect Example Of How People Get Backlinks Those Three People Have Got The Backlinks Now From One Website Called Detailed.Com  Because They Gave A Testimonial To That Website

Growth Hack Tips 3: use course growth hack method to grow your blog’s  affiliate income

Ankit Singla Says: Now,  As You Are A Beginner So You Don’t Have Any Product To Sell. So, Why Not To Buy Someone’s Good Course And If That Helped You Sell The Same Course And Get The Affiliate Commission Too 🙂

Ankit Singla Used To Do This When He Was New To Blogging Like You.

And Now As He (Ankit Singla) Was A Student Of That Course Creator He Used To Invite Them To Talk In His Live Group Or Do A Guest Post In His Blog And Generate Sales From That Too

Isn’t This Good?

You Can Share This Article If You Liked ! You Will Have An Image In Front Of Others That You Are A Guy Who Reads Awesome Things Content,  Which Is Way Better.

Now, Let’s Talk About Another Strategy.

Strategy 3: Blog Growth Hacking with Interview of influencers – if you don’t know to write top quality content

Udit Says, When You Interview Influencers There Are So Many Advantages:

Influencers Have Already Audiences So When They Are Ready To Get Interviewed They Become Ready To Share Your Content And It Reaches To Many People

You Don’t Have To Worry If Your Content Becomes Not Qualitative As An Expert Is Throwing His/ Her Tips On Your Video/Blog

When You Interview Influencers Or When They Share Your Content For Their Followers You Immediately Make Up A Mind That You Are A Guy/Girl Worth Following And Your Subscribers, View Automatically Starts Growing Up

Its A Time To Focus On Video And Audio Content NOW

I Understood Now, That’s How A Business Grows And They Implement Such Every Small Marketing Growth Hacks In 2019.

My Only Question Is Did You Got The Point? And Are You Going To Implement It Or Not?

Udit Goenka Pro Blogging Tips: As A Blogger, There Is Always A Lot Of Space Guys, But The Only Thing You Need To Do Is Implement It Before The Things Gets Saturated.

Ankit ( Master Blogging Founder) Pro Tips:

Investment On Learning Has To Be Done By Every Individual Even I Invest Now A Lot In Learning New Things New Stuff. You Get Things Free On The Internet, But They All Are Not Structured To Organize Yourself And Learn It Takes Your Years Which Could Be Possible In Months, So Don’t Afraid To Invest In Learning If You Want To Learn Fast.

It Means “ Time Is The Biggest Money “

Lead Magnet Growth Hack Tips : By Giving Series Of Interviews

You Should Have An Aim That Every Visitors Gets Converted. Just Don’t Be Happy If 10s Are Converting Out Of 100 Don’t Stay There, Try To Go To 20 Then To 30 Then Try To Reach Near To 100


How To Do This Kind Of  Growth In My Blog ?

The Very Way Of Doing This Is Again Interview Tactics

Take Interview Of Say Around 5 Experts In Your Niche And Then Try To Give That Interview Content As An Email Series

If You Give 20 Checklists For Writing A Blog Post

Or Even Say 100 Checklists For A Writing Blog Post They Are Not Going To Get Converted Coz They Can Get That On The Net Even If They Didn’t Give You Their Details

But When You Are Giving Interview Series They Don’t Get Your Interview With Expert Anywhere Other Than From You.

That’s The Gold Actually.

So Your Vistors Be Like Take My Everything But I Want To Learn From The Interview From This Expert

Read This: To Add About This    Rich Snippets  To Put Review Of Star Types Of Things In Your Website So That It Gives More Trust To Your Customer :

So, In An  Overall You Need To Give Lead Magnet In Such A Way That No One Is Giving And Which Is Only Unique To You ♡

Now Your Visitors Do Feel Like: Please Give Me That I Need That At Any Cost Rather Take My Details 🙂 That’s The Goal Of The Lead Magnet

Blog Branding Strategy  : Make Blog Brand Value Increase  Like Garey Vaynerchuk

You May Be Seeing So Many Tips Trick On Youtube That This Guy Has Invested This Many $$$, Optimized This This This And Earned This Much That Is Never Going To Work Never To You Unless You Do It Practically

As Garey Vaynerchuk Says, Always Show Up Daily.No Matter What If You Are Not Showing Up Daily In Front Of Your Audience Someone Else Will Show Up To Them And They Forget You Slowly

This Is The Man I Was Talking About Of:

This 5.3 Million Is Only In Instagram Everywhere The No. Is More Or Equal To, I Don’t Have Come Across A Single Person Who Is Trying Work On Digital Space Have Not  Heard Gary Vee Yet.


Why Is So?

Consistency! Daily Show Up !

Also Reaad This: Search Engine Optimization Technique  In 2019

Let Me Show You An Example Of How Much Content He Shares In How Much Difference

Let Me Open His Instagram Profile :

  • Uploaded 6 Hrs Ago
  • Uploaded 10 Hours Ago
  • Uploaded 16 Hours Ago


Garey Vee Is Successful By Focusing On Consistency. He Posts Content In Every 4/5 Hours,  As The Image Above Is Clearly Demonstrating That. So, The Today Take Away From This Blog Growing Strategy Is Be Consistent Don’t Focus On Like, Comment  Just Keep On Doing Overything Comes In.


For That Even If You Have To Invest A Lil Bit Of Money Do  Some Small Investment In Paid Ads Too

Suggestion: Take Action There Are So Much Of Things You Know, The Rest Is About Taking Action Either You Take It Or Not Is Up To You. Knowing Everything But Not Taking Action Is Like A Donkey Who Has Kept The Book On His Back ( Be Serious Be Focused )

Last Growth Hacking Tips: How to grow on YouTube if you have both YouTube and Blog:

These Days People Have Started Investing Heavily On A Youtube. So, If You Are Not Investing You Are Lacking In A Game

How Udit Is Doing This?

He Says, There Are So Many People On A Youtube Who Has Millions Of Views I Have Started My Content On Such Videos Which Are Similar To My Video And I Will Do Retargeting Ads Again And Make A Funnel Then Convert Them And Redirect To The Desired Place I Need.

Note: Are You Feeling Like Oh My God These Are Just Awesome And I Need More Growth Hacks Of Such Type

I Am Soon Planning To Take Interview Of Udit Goenka And Other Pro Bloggers. So I Think Subscribing My Channel Is Going To Be Super Helpful For You.


My Personal  Growth Hacking Bonus Tips :

You Know That Case Studies Are Most Liked Linked And Shared Content On The Internet. And, One More Thing Is The One Who Writes Case Studies Are Counted As An Authority In The Niche.

But :

If You Are New To The Blogging Field Then It’s So Hard To Create Case Studies Of Your Own. I Understand You Want To Write A Case Study But You Are Not Like Brian Dean , Neil Patel Who Can Analyze The Millions Website And Take Some Learnings Out Of It.

So What Can You Do Instead?  

If You Write One Blog Post A Week Try To Write  1 Blog Post Daily. Then Make The Small Case Study Of Your Own

Then If You Can Go Try To Post 10 Articles A Day For 7 Days Then Make Another Case Study  Saying


Case Study: I Post 70 Articles In 7 Days And Found This To Learn For You.

Then Give All Your Stat, Growth, Upgrade, Downgrade Etc Etc …

It Is Just An Idea On How Can You Think Out Of The Box. Now It’s Your Turn To Think Out Of The Box And Create Something Awesome And Grow Faster

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