What is Blogging BIG? 

Blogging BIG ( BLogging In Group.)  is the 1st Nepali group blogging platform that helps individual bloggers to make money passively. In this platform, several writers( bloggers ) can become an independent author and earn money as a passive source of income at once. 

Blogging in a group and making progress more easily and quickly instead of blogging alone stands as the major idea behind the platform. 

What problem does the Blogging BIG platform solve and why is it for you?

 First, let’s look at the problems a blogging community or every individual blogger is facing

  1. Very slow growth of the blog
  2. Termination of  blog growth when the blog owner stops working
  3. Long-delayed income generation

Blogging BIG is a solution for all of the above problems. 

How does Blogging BIG solve the above problems? 


 Problem 1: Very Slow Growth in Blogging: 

When you start a blog, it will just be yours and no one will be contributing to the blog. The growth of the blog becomes very limited as of the fact that there is a lot more thing to do in blogging than mere writing and publishing. 

Even if a one-person writes 2/3  posts every week, he/she will only have 150 articles per year or even less. This is the level of growth one can get by doing solo blogging.

However, when you become a writing partner on Blogging BIG, there will be other people contributing to the platform like you. So the growth of the platform will be exponential and that will directly be correlated to the amount of money you are going to make. 

Problem 2: Termination of  blog growth when the blog owner stops working 

When you work on your own individual blog, it’s growth stops when you stop working. Unlike your individual blog, the platform keeps growing and growing while blogging in groups as there will be a lot more people working on our platform, Even if you stop writing on our platform for a certain period of time, it keeps growing. 

Therefore, when you join next time and start contributing to the platform, you will again be able to get the advantage of the bigger platform.

Moreover, when the platform grows the audience grows too. Similarly, the amount of money you earn by contributing to the platform grows simultaneously. 

Problem 3:   Long-delayed income generation

When you are a starter, you will probably be gushed with questions;  where to start, what to write about, how to get the traffic, all the SEO hustle, and the perfect ways to monetize.

Learning all of this takes time and to earn your 1st $ with blogging might take you even a year. So here a question might pop up. 

“ Do you want to keep blogging even if you don’t earn for a year? “

Well, we want to hear a ‘YES’ from you, but it’s so tough to keep going and keep blogging without making any money for years.

So, why not be involved in our platform as a passive writer and earn money passively and support your long term blogging career?

Here, it is important to clarify that we don’t want you to leave your personal blog ( if you already have one ) and we even encourage you to start a personal blog even if you don’t have one.

Yes, we don’t want you to leave your personal blogging journey completely and start working on Blogging BIG. (that’s not our goal.)

Our goal is to support you to keep your blogging journey alive until the time you actually start making money from your own blog. You can do that by becoming a passive writer on our platform. You will get paid for the articles you write.