I Teach People How To Get Success In Blogging Journey

Hey buddy,

I am Raju khadka

Full time blogger and SEO practitioner.

I am here to make my living with blogging and I will help you guys also to do the same exactly step by step ;

But for me now , days are not easy …

Neither it will be easy for you

Because, blogging is not just typing keyword !! its lot more ..

Its even more tough when you are in situation like me..

Want to hear about my story ?

rajukhadka-digitalmarkter-blogger-seopractitioner-author-at- bloggingbig

I have done my graduation form engineering background

After that I din’t join company ; I changed my career to be full time blogger

I was in so pressure you know that it doesn’t feel good to ask money to your mom dad after you are crossed with certain age

Everyone expects a son will run the home after graduation ; finds a good job and list goes on

As, I am only the one son from family

But, After engineering I have not joined any company

I have switched my career to digital marketing

And this blog is the part of my project

All mental pressure all family pressure all peer pressure I am bearing and not listening to anybody ;

every friends of mine are earning money I still don’t have pocket money

Coz blogging takes time ;

And if you can all handle that … YOu Are Most Welcome to Blogging ;

I swear I will make you successful blogger in one year of time ;

Just stay with this blog .. Let’s do big with BloggingBIG

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To you success ,

Your new friend,

Raju Khadka